Our Story

It is no secret that the last few years had been a rough journey, not only for the two of us, but for our entire family. The ups and downs of each pregnancy were almost unbearable. We approached each one differently hoping to avoid the heartbreak, but no matter how much we prepared ourselves, the heartache proved to be inevitable.

There was so much sadness and negativity that came with each and every loss, but we were determined to create positive spin on the situation. We decided to form an organization that would help others also suffering from infant and pregnancy loss. We thought we could use the knowledge that we’ve gained and the information that we’ve gathered throughout our own personal journey to help others struggling through the same thing.

Luckily, our own prayers were answered as we were finally blessed with a beautiful baby girl and then again seven years later with a beautiful baby boy! The joy they have brought and continues to bring to our lives is beyond our dreams, and creates an even greater calling for us to bring this joy to others. Even if we help just one person, we’ve succeeded.

Hugs & Hearts,

– Rosario & Heather Scorsone